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Alcohol and Substance Abuse and  Addictions
​At Sesa, we understand the nature and cycle of addictions. Sesa clinicians recognize that it is not simply a  matter of breaking the addictive behaviour but looking at and healing the underlying causes to that behavior. The addictive behaviour often starts as a way of distracting oneself from or self medicating hurts, traumas, and difficulties in the past and present. The clinicians at Sesa understand that the key to successful addiction counselling involves understanding the unique stories of each client and determining the triggers that cause addictive behaviours. They assist the client in developing more adaptive ways of dealing with those stressors. 

What is an addiction? Clinically, people with an addiction are unable to control what they are using, doing, or taking; this causes harmful consequences to self and other. The person who has the addiction, has no control over it. It is a powerful compulsion that happens over and over. Most people equate addiction with alcohol and substance abuse. However, an addiction may also be behavioural. Almost any behaviour may become addictive. For example, a skilled musician who has a compulsion to play the piano is not an addict by honing that skill and becoming a successful pianist. It becomes an addiction when that musician neglects his children, his physical and emotional well being, and sacrifices everything in life to play the piano every waking moment. 

"I count braver who overcomes 
his desires 
than who conquers his enemies; 
for the hardest victory 
is over self"
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