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Anger is a healthy, normal human emotion. Whether it is fleeting irritation or a hot rage, we have all felt it. It becomes a problem when it gets out of control and turns destructive. When this occurs, a person can have problems at work, in their personal relationships and in the overall quality of their lives.  

Anger Management counselling is specifically designed to help people develop appropriate expressions of anger. The clinicians at Sesa teach clients how to become aware of their anger, what triggers it,  what emotions underlie it and how to respond in a constructive, healthy way. 
Anger Management
Anger Management Clinicians
"Anger is just anger. 
It isn't good. It isn't bad.
 It just is. 
What you do with it is what matters. 
It's like anything else. 
You can use it 
to build or to destroy.
 You just have to make the choice."
John Butcher, White Night.
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