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Child and Adolescent Therapy
By understanding that children often communicate through play, our clinicians use art, play and sand tray therapy as well as CBT, and aspects of DBT ,when needed, to help our younger clients. By using these therapies, children are able to freely work through negative experiences and learn healthy reactions and ways of coping with stress. As parents are an integral part of a child's world, our clinicians often actively involve a child's parents in their therapy. At this time, we are able to work with children between the ages of 4-18. If we are unable to meet with your child, we will ensure that we find a clinician in the area that will suite your child's specific situation. 

Adolescence is a unique and special time in one’s life where there is rapid change and shifts in both their inner world and their outer experiences.  We have clinicians who are able to understand and communicate effectively with this age group and their concerns. Our clinicians recognize that building a relationship, rapport and trust with an adolescent client is essential. Depending on the reasons adolescents seek out counselling, we use a variety of therapies including Mindfulness, CBT, DBT and EMDR. 

Child and Adolescent Clinicians

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