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Chronic Pain 
Pain is a very natural occurrence in the body, the sudden onset of pain is called acute pain. Acute pain is a symptom of illness or injury in the part of the body experiencing the pain. Acute pain is made to get a person’s attention which forces a person to take action to prevent worsening of the condition. Chronic pain is not very natural, and if pain persists for more than six months should be investigated. Pain that persists for months or years can take a heavy emotional toll on a person. Common reasons for chronic pain include arthritis, back pain, cancer pain, headaches, muscle pain, neurological pain, skin diseases, or a plethora of other conditions.
About 100 million North Americans suffer from chronic pain, which can range from mild, unbearable, continuous, or inconvenient or can make a person bedridden. Chronic pain can bring a number of devastating effects that seem unmanageable, but with proper help and management, it is possible to live healthy lives.
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