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Couples and Relationship Therapy
Our clinicians are trained in what is considered one of the most scientifically validated method of couples therapy: Gottman's Couples Therapy. This method, developed by Drs. John and Julie Schwartz Gottman, is based on long-term scientific research on the success or failure of marriages. Through this research, they developed the theory of a "Sound House Relationship'. Combining this theory with the latest research on attachment, our clinicians develop a highly personalized, treatment plan to meet your unique needs Our clinicians, through structured therapy, strive to assist clients in achieving a deeper sense of understanding within their relationships. By combining therapeutic interventions with scientifically founded couples exercises, the therapy helps clients develop the tools necessary to remove the natural walls and defences that hinder and prohibit effective communication. Increased intimacy, deeper connections, greater understanding of your partner, more appropriate ways of conflicting are the result.  In addition to being trained Gottman clinicians, Vickie and Jennifer are also Gottman Educators and offer workshops to couples throughout the year. 

Couples and Relationship Clinicians
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The more connections 
you and your lover make,
 not just between your bodies, 
but between your minds, 
your hearts,
 and your souls,
 the more you will strengthen
 the fabric of your relationship, 
and the more
 real moments you will experience 
Barbara de Angelis 

Jennifer Jules 
Vickie Kampe 
Lisa Tully
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