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Hypnotherapy and Stress Reduction
Everything we have ever experienced from infancy to adulthood is recorded within the subconscious regions of our minds, because of this some past traumas that are long thought forgotten by an individual might affect us in ways that we have no way of accessing on our own. Hypnotherapy is a process in which the Therapist and client go on a journey through the subconscious in hope of helping the individual start to deal with memories hidden in the dark recesses of the mind. Environment is one of the most important factors in Hypnotherapy, the client has to be comfortable with the environment that they are in and with the person they are with. At Sesa, we not only believe in just providing an environment conducive with recovery but also a Therapist that can be trusted in helping a person through this very personal experience. The Therapist starts by telling compelling stories that allow the client to achieve a natural trance state, the stories, or metaphors, help reduce the mental resistance and allows the therapist and client to build rapport. Hypnotherapy has been scientifically validated and has shown to help clients deal with their hidden trauma.

Hypnotherapy is not only use to traverse the pain of a person’s past but can also help control present pain as well. Sesa provides services that can help an individual control physical pain and can help a person learn to reduce stress. Hypnotherapy has also been effective in controlling pain as extreme as childbirth, as well as helping a person manage more long term pains and aches as well. 

Hypnotherapy and Stress Reduction Therapists

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