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Just One Breath (J.O.B.) is a group therapy program that synthesizes neuroscience, 
bio-feedback, advanced mindfulness techniques with Dialectic Behaviour Skills to learn how to deal with chronic emotional and physical pain (CEPP). J.O.B participants will meet two hours a week for eight weeks. Between weeks 6 and 7, participants will attend a Saturday from 9:30-3:30. Participants will learn:

Date:  Tuesday Jan 16/2018 – March 6/2018 

Time: 4:00 pm-6:00 pm 

Duration: 8 week group program
- the neurobiology of brain changes including neuroplasticity and the brain and how CEPP affects the brain.

- How CEPP can lead to anxiety and depression

- Evidence for mindfulness as a treatment. Clients will develop core and advanced mindful strategies in the following areas:
- Anxiety & Depression that results from CEPP

- PTSD and the arousal state triggers cause

- Pain management

- Sleep
- To assist in the development of these strategies, each participant will be given a bio-feedback device. They will be trained in a daily practice protocol of the device. Clients will be monitored on their progress and strategies will be given for overcoming challenges. The device is theirs to keep. 

- Participants will develop strategies to increase resiliency to deal with CEPP by combining advanced mindfulness tools with the following DBT strategies:
- Radical Acceptance of CEPP

- Distress Tolerance Skills; How to manage CEPP during stress and crisis

- How to regulate the negative emotions surrounding CEPP
- Participants will be given psycho-education on various complementary tools to assist in dealing with CEPP including Nutrition, Acupuncture, Yoga, and Cranial Sacral therapy. Professionals in these fields will be giving a short lecture during weeks two, four, six, the Saturday, and week eight. Each speaker will offer practical tools and basic guidelines that the participant can incorporate into their daily lives. Resumes and relevant education of speakers are available upon request.
Just One Breath
Surviving Catastrophe and Living with Chronic Emotional and Physical Pain
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