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About Jennifer Povoledo 
Jennifer has worked with children, youth and families since 2004. Her clinical practice
includes working with individuals and families facing anxiety,depression, suicidal ideation, grief and loss, chronic pain, abuse, trauma and behavioural concerns. Jennifer is also experienced in care planning, intervening in crises and providing psycho-educational

Jennifer practices Holistic Expressive Therapy (HET), an integrative approach that considers physical, emotion, cognitive and spiritual needs. The approach is person-centred and blends directive and non-directive interventions. Sessions may involve working with media
selected by you or your child (such as, sand play, art, felting, knitting, writing stories, etc.). Creative play in therapy, especially with children and youth, helps process events and emotions. For example, a child might choose to play out what is happening (or has
happened) in his or her life to process these events.

​Play therapy is proven to be effective across ages, genders and presenting issues. As a parent, you will be invited to join in the session at times since research shows that parental involvement can increase therapy effectiveness (Ray, Bratton Rine & Jones 2001,
LeBlanc & Richie, 1999). This also makes you aware of your child’s

Jennifer holds a Bachelor in Fine Arts, a Bachelor in Social Work and a Masters of Education Counselling. She is passionate about her work and is committed to helping children and families.

Jennifer Povoledo MEd CCC
Canadian Certified Counsellor
Expressive Play Therapist
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