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Living with Chronic Illness
Nearly 130 million North Americans suffer from some form of chronic illness, weather that is arthritis, aches and weaknesses, vision issues, depression, multiple sclerosis, and much more. Constantly dealing with a chronic illness can cause a number of psychological and personal problems for the person afflicted; though a person can be afflicted with a debilitating illness that doesn’t mean that the illness will be visible to the naked eye. Sometimes friends, family, and coworkers cannot always recognize what has happened leaving people feeling lonely and isolated. Despite the obstacles people have to overcome on a daily basis, experts agree, it is still possible to live a full and meaningful life regardless of the severity of their illness. A serious illness can be the cause of many life changes and limits; a person’s mobility and independence may be compromised and doing things a person enjoys becomes difficult if not impossible. Since living with a chronic illness limits a person’s ability to do certain things they used to enjoy, a person may lose confidence and have their hope for the future slowly deteriorate. When a person begins to feel unable to cope with the reality of their illness it is imperative that they seek help, this first step will help them understand and deal with the many effects of living with a chronic illness. Learning to manage stress will help them maintain a positive psychological and emotional outlook on their life. 
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