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Living With Cancer
Living with Cancer is one of the most harrowing and emotionally draining experiences anyone can deal with. It’s true that therapy cannot cure a person of cancer it can make the illness far more manageable, research has shown that people can be more relaxed when having regular sessions. Regular sessions can help manage the depression and anxiety that can be caused by living with cancer, counselling can also help with people dealing with phobias about having cancer treatments. Such phobias can include things like fear of needles or being confined to a small space during an MRI scan. Reactions to cancer are numerous and completely understandable; people may feel fear, a strong reaction to the intense physical changes, or be anxious about the upcoming treatment. Cancer can also affect a person’s interpersonal relationships, ones house hold role might change and people sometimes do not know how to deal with how people will react different towards them. Therapy can help people understand what they will have to go through and help guide a person through the darkest time of their life; it can help manage the tremendous amount of stress that cancer will cause. Mindfulness Stress Reduction, a process in which an individual who uses focus to alleviate stress from a current situation, to help the client traverse all the chaotic and unpredictable events and emotions that the client will undoubtedly face, the client will be in a comfortable and safe environment so that they aren’t facing all this pain and hardship alone. 
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