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Parent Education
A parent is the most important and influential person in a child’s life children will often mimic, or just look for guidance, the beliefs of their parents on moral or ethical topics. Because of this influence, the biases and prejudices of a parent are often learned by the child. Children who overhear their parents using language that minimizes the hardships of a group or people, or just implies that a certain group is lesser may cause the child to absorb these negative and damaging views. Parents religious or political beliefs may also be adopted by the child, at least until the child is old enough to build their own belief system. This is not concerning unless the parent discourages the child from seeking out new ideas. This does not stop at adulthood, sometimes both negative and positive views will appear solidified, whether they are healthy or not.
Humans do not instinctively know how to raise a emotionally healthy child. Because of this parenting is one of the most challenging things someone can do; it may be stressful, overwhelming, and incredibly daunting.
Many people need help when they have a new baby in the house, caring for a child takes up a lot of time and energy. Relationships can become strained with the reduction of free time and many parents face financial difficulties. A stay at home parent may feel over worked or under appreciated and resentment towards their partner, who can work outside the house, is very common. Single parents are also increasingly common and without a support system the task may seem impossible. Educating one’s self can help acquire the skills to improve their parenting, making it a healthy environment for both the parent/parents and the child and may help deduce disruptive or destructive behaviors on both sides.
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