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Pre Natel and Post Natel Counselling
Having a child can be one of the most rewarding and joyous times in a person’s life, but with that joy can come times of immense stress, emotional pain, it can strain relationships and can trigger a plethora of difficult or confusing emotions that might be hard to deal with alone. The massive changes that a pregnancy, both good and bad, can spur an array of unpredictable emotions which can make it hard for not just the mother but the soon to be father as well. Feelings of sadness, anxiety, anger or other emotions are extremely normal and should not be worried about; though there are times, women become extremely depressed either before or after pregnancy. Severe depression can be caused by post-partum depression, and seeking professional intervention is absolutely necessary if said depression last more than a couple of days. Sometimes during this depression the new mother may experience thoughts of violence towards her newborn or hallucinations. Professional help is EXTREMELY necessary in these times because it may prevent the mother from caring for her baby. Though pregnancy is immensely challenging for the mother, and she needs help and support from her partner, we have to remember that the life changes are not her burden alone but also for her partner. Any significant interpersonal problems that a couple were experiencing are likely to get worse not better with the arrival of a child, unless said problems are consciously addressed before the birth itself. Research shows that when partners both wish to have a child and have basically the same thoughts on how to raise said child that a pregnancy is more likely to bring a sense of excitement and joy. However if one or both partners are ambivalent, or have negative thoughts, about having a child then the upcoming birth is more likely to hinder not help the couple as a whole. Pregnancies can be overwhelming and extremely stressful on the couple but therapy is available to help manage expectations, responsibilities, and emotions that may seem impossible to bear. If it does seem like it’s all too much then therapy can help take this time and make it what it is supposed to be, joyous and exciting.

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