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Trauma PTSD
After experiencing an extremely traumatizing event, like a sexual assault or a life threatening experience, people tend to have nightmares, trouble sleeping, or a constant replay of the event in their heads; but sometimes these feelings do not fade. When all the negative feelings or nightmares about such an event start to affect a person’s everyday life, and the feelings do not fade after a prolonged period of time, said person may have Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD). The media tends to focus on veterans who have witness the horrors of war when it comes to PTSD sufferers, but that is far from the only way a person can become afflicted with it. Any overwhelming experience can trigger PTSD, a serious car accident, a natural disaster, physical or sexual assault. PTSD is also not only reserved to the victims of such real life horrors but also any witness’s to a horrific event, or even families and friends of the victim. Children are more likely to suffer from PTSD is they have suffered or witnessed physical, sexual or emotional abuse. PTSD may lay dormant for many years; a child may witness a horrific murder or sexual assault but may not develop symptoms till much later in life. Women are twice as likely to be diagnosed with PTSD; and Refugees are at an extremely high risk as a result of stressful events which forced them to flee their country of origin. Abuse was a huge problem among aboriginal people who attended residential schools, this unfortunate and unacceptable turn of events has led a large amount of people who attended to those schools to develop a unique form of PTSD now called “residential school syndrome”.

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